Mr Price and Anisa Mpungwe

So can we all gather around and talk about the amazing collection that was born of the brilliant collaboration between Mr Price and Tanzaian born designer Anisa Mpungwe. Now if you know something about anything you will know that we are talking about Anisa Mpungwe of Loin Cloth and Ashes. Working with Mr Price isn’t a first for this creative. Her debut was when she won the Elle New Talent Design Award back in 2008. Today, her Loin Cloth and Ashes store is ensconced in Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg.

This limited-edition collection is all so trendy with inspirations from the late 80’s and the 20’s are clearly evident in the drop waist dresses. A dash of her Loin Cloth and Ashes signature features on patterns and prints – in black, white and yellow. There’s even a tee with an illustration of Mpungwe’s portrait!

The price tags are unbelievable considering this is designer wear. So shout out to Mr Price for making this possible!

Here are my fav pieces:


All White Everything

I have NEVER been a fan of all white. I have NEVER been to an all white party. I have just never understood this concept. But I am a girl and I am allowed to change my mind whenever I want to! Today, I’m in love with this all white concept and its proper trending this season. Do yourselves a favor and join in on the festivities!! Dress in white from head to toe. White on white on white! Be bold honeys!!

Street Style: NYFW

I’m a strong believer in the notion that fashion is dictated by the streets and since its my responsibility to make sure that you are well informed on trends and to feed you with the inspiration that you need to remain bold; here are some pictures taken during New York Fashion week.

Stay Inspired. Remain Bold.

New York Fashion Week 2013

So..iv been in hibernation over the winter season but the good news is I’m back!! Coming back at a time when the world of fashion is up in a frenzy over all the fashion week events. New York Fashion week just rapped up and now all the eyes of the world are on London!!  

New York fashion week obviously did not disappoint with the biggest names in fashion and some new babies show casing their work to the world. One of the different things that stood out for me this year is the news on the Oscar de la Renta show. In past years Oscar used to host two shows that would normally seat about 350 guests each. This year Oscar flipped the scripts and only had one show with about 300 guests. His guest list apparently had less celebrities but more editors and buyers. Which I think kinda makes sense!! But any who… Do u Oscar

Now let’s talk notable trends!! This season we can all expect to see lots and lots of short shorts, long slits, crop tops (these babies are everywhere) mini skits, deep plunging neck and yes leather and denim on denim action is still in! 

And since it is the summer time bright colours are in in in in! But pls let’s refrain from this colour blocking business… That ship sailed. Mix and match prints with denim, leather and solid colours. Neon, orange, blue and yellow are a good place to start. White also seems to be coming up a lot. Monochrome is still a major trend so don’t give it up just yet.
And if your looking for a new hairstyle for this season you might want to consider getting a bob. Take some inspiration from Ciara, Rita Ora, Giuliana Rancic, King Beyonce and my fav Leighton Meester. 

Some of my best looks this year at fashion week came from Prabal Gurung, Honor, Peter Sam, Karen Walker, Sass and Bride and some awesome prints from Marc Jacobs.

Hope u find your inspiration. Be bold honeyz! XoxO

SAFTA’S 2013

A special request from one of my faithful readers came in last week  for me to do a review on the SAFTA’S (South African Film and Television Awards) and of course I accepted.

So..lets proceed to see who got it right and who honestly should have just stayed out of sight.

First up making a bang of an entrance is Lerato Kganayago and her hair. Lerato is wearing a dress straight from rails of Pallu. Buying a dress was her safest bet but not so much with the hair which was also bought. As is. It was just planted on her head and she was ready to go. Lerato clearly needs to look into the people she is surrounding herself with because as she walked out and did her final twirl no one  thought to say: maybe you should leave the helmet behind. Such a shame because the dress is nice.




Hello Lunga.

Boitumelo Thulo AKA Boity looked good in Scalo. A different look to what we usually see her in. She looked stunning. But Boity honey, are we gonna buy new hair anytime soon? maybe even try something new? Lets.



Bonang Matheba wearing  Gert Johan Coetzee. Now we are getting in to it. B looked stunning and You know she knows it right? her make up was done by Nthato Mashishi and its done to perfection. Ladies take out your note books and take this down. It is safe to put away the red Marilyn Monroe lipstick and get involved in different shades of purple.



Minnie Dlamini. You know I never really like what Minnie wears. But I like this dress. Its stunning and very well made with amazing details. But of course in true Minnie style she has to do something that has me thinking “but why”. I am trying to understand why she has cornrows on the one side and a weave on the other…Whats the name of this hairstyle? she is lucky Lerato came with a helmet or she would have been the point of bad hair discussion.ImageImage


Penny Lebyane is wearing my fav, Thula Sindi but then she goes and destroys the whole outfit with those shoes! and whats up with the turbans these days? is this your look now? are u the turban queen?

Clint Brink and Lorcia Cooper looked really good. They still look like they looked in Backstage back in the day. I Love Lorcia’s dress and the colour and her hair. I would have gotten a different clutch. And I think she should have too.



Would you look at Sade looking so clean. This is the nicest I’v ever seen Sade and she cleans up pretty well. Ah! but look what you did Sade, you mistook your tie for a belt… silly girl.

ImageAnd here we have Sinazo Yolwa in a purple sequenced number. I don’t know who the dress is by but I do know that I don’t like it.

I think its safe to say that Zizo Beda dosent know what she is doing. I feel like she just goes out and wings it. Which is really sad because she is such a beautiful girl. But this Rubicon dress is not the one. Maybe the top of the dress. Just maybe. But the rest is an epic fail.

Zizo Beda, RUBICON, SAFTA 2013, Red Capert, Fashion, Jerri Mokgofe  (3)

Pearl Modiadie, Moody, Scandal, SAFTA 2013, Red Carpet Fashion  (3)

Pearl Modiadie would have to come up as one of my best dressed for the night because she looked ravishing in this dress by Inga Madyibi. Love Love Love. Generally a very good looking girl.

Pearl Modiadie, Moody, Scandal, SAFTA 2013, Red Carpet Fashion  (1)

Ok so there were a lot more Celebs at the event but no one deserves a special mention like Katlego Danke



We don’t know who the designer is and that’s probably intentional because this person is probably going to lose a lot of business after this. Iv been looking for the nicest way to tackle this one as it is such a special case ans she really is the reason why I did this review  So here goes.

Take your note books out gals: Firstly if you are as short as our girl Kat here, don’t ever wear a dress/skirt in this length. its not for you. Secondly if you are going to wear such an over powering top play it subtle at the bottom. To many parties can get you wasted. Same applies for the bottom. If your going to go dramatic at the bottom, don’t do it at the top. Thirdly how was that the shoe you chose Katlego? yes black and red go and yes black is a safe colour but my friend that’s not the one. Lastly this entire outfit is a mess. Your a celebrity. Why are you looking like this? its a disaster  A hot mess. and as usual Dineo your hair leaves much to be desired. You my dear are the weakest link. Good bye.




That Pink Top


I’m going through my copy of Grazia dated 27 March 2013 and I come across an article titled: We’re the Fat-Shionistas. My attention is immediately drawn for three reasons. First the word “FAT” and the word “SHIONISTAS”, which is obviously derived from that horrible word “fashionista”. Secondly 3 pictures of 3 very well dressed and styled ladies. Thirdly on the far right under the “FIVE MUST HAVES FOR THE 14+” a pink top for R255 from Captive8. Now after looking at this top for about 5 minutes, I start getting annoyed. Asking myself who chose these “five must haves”?  The 3 ladies featured in the article don’t look like they own anything that resembles this top. Where would I wear this top to? With what? It was in that 5 minutes that I then decided that I’m so sick of magazines giving so called plus size girls the ugly granny clothes. Honestly. Do we not deserve the beautiful beaded bodice from Stefania Morland which costs R10 000 which was featured on page 46. Fine maybe that bodice will never fit me, that’s because while 50% of woman are sized 14 and above, clothes are still being made to cater for size 14 and smaller. And usually if 14+ is catered for its nothing a so called “fashionista” should be caught in. I googled ‘fuller figured women fashion trends’. The results had me wondering what year this was from and what was more confusing was Kim Kardashians pictures that kept coming up…. Is she a so called full figured woman now? Hai! Any way. I could not for the life of me see myself or any other so called ‘fashionista’ wearing this:



Are these the trends? I refuse to believe that the Fashion Gods are letting this happen. I decide to take a look at the blogs that belong to 2 of the 3 ladies that were featured in the article. Tanesha Awasthi of and Stephanie Zwicky of And there was HOPE after all. Now these two girls have the “five must haves” these two ladies I would listen to. I would draw inspiration from these two ladies. (Once again my theory that fashion is not dictated by magazines but rather the streets is proved)

These two ladies are so well dressed. Stunningly styled. And they speak such truth in the Grazia article. Tanesha speaks about exploring colour and not being so quick to always go with black because it’s slimming.


Adel isn’t helping us much in this department. The girl is always in a black dress. Yes she looks good in it, but explore! Oh but she did recently explore didn’t she? That didn’t really work out very well.


Stephanie who is from France touched on how hesitant designers are to tap into the so called full figured market. Which does nothing for my life because Id actually die. Kill mothers for that R10 000 bodice on page 46.But its fine. I’m dealing with it and my recovery is speeded up by the reminder that I actually don’t have R10 000 for a bodice. R10 000 for just the bodice. (One day. Just not today)


Ok so my point is. I love fashion. I love clothes and I love to wear them.  I write for all Girls/Woman. I don’t categorize them as above and below size 14, solely because style is not a size. I love my body and I really don’t know anyone in 2013 that still has issues with their “imperfections”. They are yours. Own them. Embrace them. And figure it out. Don’t limit yourself and what you can wear. There are no “five must haves for the 14+”.  If you personally know me you know that if I like it. I’m wearing it. And 9 times out of 10 I look good. (I was going to say 10 out of 10 times but I don’t want to sound conceited. But it’s actually true.)  


The fun thing about fashion is that it’s limitless. You make it your own. Love your body. And don’t put yourself in a box with a label. People call me “plus sized”.” Full figured.” And now “Fat-Shionista” I’m none of those. I’m a woman. The size of my clothes is none of your business.  It does not make me nor does it define me. Find a style that you love. A style makes you feel comfortable and amazing. And always. Always be bold.


Take some inspiration from Tanesha and Stephanie.


 *Please note that I love Grazia Magazine and this is in no way an article in bad spirit. I just have a serious problem with that PINK TOP. 

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