trpl.S jewelry collection @ GFW 2012

Tshegofatso Ragontse, affectionately known to many as Sino is a jewelry designer from Botswana. She recently showcased her work at the Gaborone Fashion Weekend which took place from the 10th till the 11th of August 2012. The people of Gabz come out in numbers to support their very own.

Sino’s ” trpl.S” is a collection of neck pieces, earings and head pieces. There is no surprise that she named her collection “My Heritage” as it celebrated and captured her culture and her country.
“With The Heritage Collection I was celebrating my culture of authentic bead work but made for our now modern lifestyle. My creations firstly have our flag colors in them, with the neck pieces I mixed in my bead work with matlhoa (those shakers traditional dancers wear on their feet) I had beaded porcupine quails as well as the coin collection where I had coins made out of clay and added in my touch to them. She also adds that she has two neck pieces in the collection that are more on a “dark goth tip” which are a sneak peak of next years fall collection.

Her talent and passion is very evident in her work. All her pieces are hand made and authentic and clearly represent her, what she is about and where she is from. A proud Mostwana born in Botswana. I love the creativity and originality that is invested in each piece and I can’t wait to be rocking a piece or two from her collection!!!!

Catch her on facebook: Sino Sea-starr Ragontse or follow her on twitter @ndivandiva


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