New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week kicked off the global calendar of Fashion Weeks, and will be immediately followed by Fashion Weeks in London, Milan and Paris.

Victoria Beckham’s New York fashion week showed off texture instead of colour. Taking over the New York public library, Beckham’s showcase was heavy on black and white, with splashes of red in between. Her clothes for spring had a delicacy that she said was new for her this season, although the clothes remained substantial and structured. It was the touch of illusion lace, the lingerie bra top or hemline of pleated chiffon that took the edge off banded short skirts, zip-back sheaths and shirtdresses.
She opened the show with a black slip-style sundress that she said was among her favorite looks.
There were more pants, all cut slim, than she typically offers but, she said, “they really look like my signature dresses, but they’re trousers”.
Beckham used a poppy red as her bold contrast color. She was more interested in texture than crazy colors, she said, noting the black dress she was wearing, which mixed canvas, georgette, lace and chiffon.
“I want to design what I want to wear,” she said.

Calvin Klein – was the final show on the New York agenda – which was served up with another dose of the finely wrought-minimalism that has long been its stock-in-trade today.
Designer Francisco Costa used plenty of thick, malleable material that allowed him to sculpt interesting undulations around his models, and delighted an unfinished hem effect that probably cost a fortune to achieve. Exoskeletons of delicate black mesh encircled white sheaths, there was plenty of sheer panelling, some skirts featured a fin-like kick at the back halfway between waist and hem, and a slightly abrupt, scallop-shell bust-line looked like it would make a challenging wear.
The show finished with a framed panel dress bisected at the waist by a thin, sheer window that revealed how far it was floating beyond its wearer’s body. Emma Stone, Amy Adams and Diane Kruger were the last front row slebs of the week.

South African powerhouse designer David Tlale’s New York Fashion Week made his debut at the Mercedes Benz tents.  In the words of US Vice President Joe Biden “this is a big freaking deal”
This was David’s first ever stand alone debut at Lincoln Center so expectations were incredibly high and in true Tlale style, he brought it hard. After his collection at the SA consulate a few months ago, this collection definitely took it up another notch. The NYFW collection was visually titillating, full of dramatic flair and just all around awesome!
The collection was not your typical runway show; it was what is called a presentation. Meaning the models stand in one place and the guest’s move around the room to see the pieces.

According to the press release “David’s collection in New York is not simply about translating South African design for a North American audience- but rather the transcendence of work through and beyond cultural nuances, and the delivery of work to the global consumers”.

His collections speaks to his undeniable talent. Love love loved it!!


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