From Nothing To Something.


It is a good time to be alive in the world of fashion today. Why do I say this? well…freedom. We have the freedom to express ourselves, create and discover. Dressing up has become such a fun activity and I see it all over the place. on the streets, at parties….people are  not conforming to trends or fashion rules. Its a time to discover yourself, your inner creative and let live. Today its ok to look awkward,to stand out to be daring and push the boundaries.

Style isn’t what is dictated by the fashion pages of magazines, its about knowing who you are, your fashion sense, what works best for you and sometimes what sets you apart from everyone else. If anything the streets dictate to the magazines on what’s hot! Style is an extension and representation  of who you are.

My favorite thing right now is statement pieces! The right combination of accessories has the potential to upgrade your outfit to new heights. Be it a bag, ring, neck or head peace, shoes, a jacket, the cut or colour of your hair… you name it, your in it to win it!! Experiment and stay true to yourself and you will be well on your way to becoming a “fashionista” (whatever that word means)

Here are some pictures of some experimental peeps on the streets. I hope your inspired honeys!!!!


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