EcoCouture: Fasion With A Course

In the search of finding new and amazing products I found  EcoCouture. Or rather it found me. EcoCouture is  women’s contemporary brand. They had my attention at ‘couture’ but because you all know by now that I have serious FOMO   (fear of missing out) problems I had to find out what they were all about.

Not only do they offer “green” clothing without sacrificing fashion, their goal is  to advance fashion without sacrificing our world. Offering understated sustainable elegance in luxury fabric of organic supine cotton, silk, modal, hemp, linen, bamboo, soy jersey, organic denim, cashmere, water resistant fleece, organic cotton fleece, recycled leather and remnant material.

I love fashion and everything related to it. But fashion with a course has to be the most amazing concept on earth. I love their collection and their evident detailing. They have made it a point to not compromise the  female body and they celebrate it with every stitch. Its elegant, understated, timeless and very well finished.

Another amazing thing about this brand is that they are  committed to donating a percentage of all sales to the environmental and social welfare organizations that they believe work tirelessly to help cultivate such a world.

For example Heal: to serve those whose health has been adversely affected by environmental exposures, to provide information to those concerned about the health effects of chemicals, and to alert the general public about the potential dangers of chemicals.

The brand recently announced their collaboration with Marisa Quinn of the Twilight Saga “breaking dawn”. They are not only  working with her in creating a collection but Marisa is also the ambassador for the EcoCouture Influential Woman Campaign. The campaign is a partnership with woman that live the brand.


EcoCouture is currently based in Los Angeles and Chicago but they do ship to other countries including South Africa. Shipping would probably take up to 10 businesses days.

Visit their website: and see what they are all about.

They get my stamp of approval. #LOVEIT

This dress though! #love



and now you know!


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