MTV EMA 2012 IN Frankfurt Germany

The EMA’s went down on the 11th of November 2012, this past Sunday. I really had no interest in watching them. what I did want to know however is what people were wearing. if the reports Iv been getting are right, I really didn’t miss anything. apparently it was a Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift festival….and we all know how I feel about both of them…so moving right along.

This year the awards were held in Frankfurt Germany. It was only fitting, I guess to have Miss Germany herself Heidi Klum to host. I have no idea if she was any good or not. What I do know is that I was very. very.very confused by her outfits. I am trying to figure out exactly went wrong… I am yet to come up with an answer. Maybe you guys can help me…



Following Heidi Klum’s red carpet look, which I did not love, I was worried about the following looks once I discovered that the majority were all from the same collection.

The model opened the show wearing an Atelier Versace Fall 2012 cream gown with a full chiffon skirt and a woven corset top with cut-out and rose gold buckle details.
Keeping with the circus theme of the night, she styled her gown with a black top hat, black leather gloves and cream-coloured Versace heels. This look totally worked for a dramatic opener.

While swinging from a hoop at the top of the arena, the model wore another look from the Versace Spring 2013 collection. Her silk orange mini dress with sheer black lace accents and a black belt was styled with the same knee-high Versace gladiator sandals we saw on the runway. This was one of the few outfits I liked from the runway and Heidi looked beautiful and statuesque in the mini dress.

Heidi’s third Versace Spring 2013 look of the night was a tie-dye turquoise halterneck gown with a thigh-high slit and leather strapping with medusa studs accented with a thick leather belt with gold stripe details. She finished her look with turquoise lace-up pointed-toe Versace heels. Not my favorite.

The fourth Spring 2013 Versace look was a black leather trench coat with a nude lace hem, styled with black lace-up Versace shoes and chunky gold earrings.

My least favorite look was the mustard-coloured Spring 2012 gown with asymmetrical nude leather straps accented with gold and silver Medusa medallions. She accessorized her look with gold Versace platform sandals. Between the boobage and hip-high slit, there was just too much on display. Boobs or legs Heidi. Pick a lane.

Next up was a black silk slip dress from the Spring 2013 collection with asymmetrical lacing and a sheer skirt styled with lace-up Versace pointed-toe shoes.

In her last look , Heidi was hoisted into the air as she closed the show, introducing Taylor Swift wearing a Versace Spring 2013 silk long-sleeve black mini dress with nude lace inserts and a black belt with gold medusa studs. Her look was styled with the Versace gladiator sandals, this time in nude.

At the MTV EMAs after-party Heidi wore a look from the Fall 2012 Versace Atelier collection. The powder-blue mini frock with a fully beaded intricate skirt made of Swarovski crystals and patent leather detailing was styled with nude silk satin double-platform Versace sandals.

Overall this wasn’t a great night style-wise for Heidi as she had more missed than hits.

Then. David Hasselhof. I’m still trying to figure out how this guy is still relevant and why he is on the red carpet. Yes he has a new movie out but that gives him no right to look and act like this:


Anne V also showed up and I have no feelings what so ever about her dress. She could have stayed home. Lady Gaga showed up in Gaga style. and Iv really never been one to try and understand her. I just let her be. Do you Gaga. She didn’t however look as eccentric as she normally dose. But she did have blue


Ok enough of the crazy. Kim K showed up on the red carpet wearing gown from Stephane Rolland. She looked really nice. Her make up was flawless. her legs looked amazing and I loved her shoe. The dress I loved to. It was a good fit considering this is Kim. it wasn’t to tight and showed a reasonable amount of cleavage. Good for you Kim.

Girl on fire Alicia Keys wore a tri-colour dress from Stella McCartney and she looked stunning!. She looked really good. I have no complains with this new look at all. She looked sleek and effortless. Perfect. That dress fit her like a glove. It could not have been any shorter or longer. It could not have been a size smaller. It worked. It was appropriate for the night and she looked like she knew that she was looking that good.


Pixie Gelog wore a dress from the House of Holland 2013 collection. I like it. I was not blown away. It was a striped dress though. With an enormous clutch bag. Thats all. Nothing more.


Rita Ora. Ah this girl. she made such an effort and she looked like she was having the time of her life. She looked so good. I love love love that red bold ball gown she was wearing from the Marchesa Fall 2012 Collection. It was stunning. But think back a bit. Have we not seen Rihanna in a similar dress, with out the ball gown effect, with red hair? Yes. Buts thats fine,Let me not take away from the fact that she looked good. I also loved another look she had, the red jump suit. My one wish though was that she could changed the colours and played around a little more. To much red. Also on the lips. We get it. You like red..that being said I think she might have been the best dressed on that night.

Yes I said it!


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