Everybodies Girl *B*


There is no need for an introduction when it comes to Bonang Matheba. We all know her. South Africa’s very own media princess and the most stylish person in the industry right now. Once titled “the IT girl”. That title, like many others came and left; but she remained and went to heights beyond her very own imagination.

She is undoubtedly one focused sister with a very very good plan and just when you think its over and she is about to fade out….there she is back on your TV like she never left.


Besides her work, positive energy and inspirational nature,Bonang knows how to put an outfit together.Her shades swag is 100.  Statement jewellery she has that on lock. Killer heels you name it she is constantly keeping up and going beyond trends. Whether she is presenting on TV,an award show,chilling, rocking the red carpet blazing on the cover of magazines like Seventeen, True Love, Elle; her appearance is standard: always on point. It’s very seldom that she gets it wrong. every time she steps out, she steps out to impress.


If I ever had to pick one perfect look that she rocked (which is so hard) it would have to be at the You Spectacular Awards 2012. She wore a long Black Gert Johan Coetzee creation. Her and Gert clearly have a very good thing going because she looks amazing in anything he makes.

tumblr_m81835AYUA1rt1qezo1_500Bonang-m        4101x bonang4-e1352748435251

It’s actually very sad that she looks this good ALL THE TIME and some of these television personalities look the way they look. (I will not mention any names just as yet) They are clearly playing games and are not taking this seriously. I strongly suggest that B hosts a 3 day workshop for her “celebrity” friends and schools them on what to never ever wear.

Bonang. You truly personify style. You are effortless and chic. You are current yet you remain timeless. Our very own, Mzanzi’s Style Icon. This is she. Queen B.

300088_10151394853801874_1339028020_n 254893_10151378879181874_1063324026_n tumblr_m6am9cFA921ql0e9xo1_500 tumblr_mcca58oHf61r5ve3qo1_500 tumblr_meexq7EJN61qhl5q5o1_500 tumblr_mcs9bbQLDV1qzyko4o1_500 534538_10151330620111874_1174039497_n bonang-matheba-at-to-1353648755 579492_10151043793906874_860473549_ntumblr_m5v36zrdCa1rssqq5o1_500 tumblr_m4itsqqV1N1qg7ylwo1_500 527633_10151017232341874_97603164_n tumblr_maz4hefn4P1ql0e9xo1_500


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