Leather this season?? yes kids! its allowed!

This season is just screaming for leather. Yes traditionally, leather is more of a winter/ autumn trend, but that’s the thing about trends…some are not consistent, this trend; is not going anywhere. Just like denim, leather and suede has gotten lighter and comes in a variety of new washes. No need to wear it head to toe though! (please don’t), it’s best when you feature the leather in touches here and there.

From poured-on leggings to tops with embellished features, we’ve always gone to leather as the temps drop. But with this season’s new design element’s, it’s hard to stick to the basic black leather pants or blazer.

The latest styles making their rounds this year are hardly dull. We’re talking fancy lazer cuts, edgy detailing, and – our favorite – curve hugging, yet slimming panels.

Feminine yet edgy, the leather dress is your one-stop fly girl piece.

There are so many amazing options that don’t make you look like you’re wearing cheep pleather leggings -or tight garbage bags around your legs. Real leather can be pricey, but with a little hunting around more affordable options are available too.


Flirty and cool, a leather skirt can be dressed down or dressed up.



Stay true to the edgy nature of leather, but soften it up with a little peplum effect to give it a more feminine touch.



There you go. Leather is allowed. will you be rocking this trend this summer?? I think you should…Just for control!


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