Gavin Rajah MBFW 2013



Am I the only one that constantly has that ‘ I need to get out more and dress up more’ once you see a  Rajah collection? Well this 2013 collection was no different. What was different though was the obvious contrast from the previous collection. In this collection we saw less embellishments  and delicate fantasy like inspired pieces. This collection was diverse.Made up of military inspired pieces, extreme plunging neck lines catchy head pieces  I’m not too excited about the return of the camouflager trend…I did however like the sporty trend paired with heals, the interesting shoulder and waist cut outs. The detailing was impeccable and the dramatic neck pieces added the perfect finishing touches.

A diverse collection with futuristic elements.

13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0866_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0868_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0870_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0872_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0874_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0877_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0880_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0882_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0885_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0888_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0890_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0892_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0895_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0900_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0902_w387_h580

thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0867_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0871_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0873_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0881_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0884_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0885_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0887_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0891_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0894_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0896_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0899_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0903_w387_h580 thumbs_13_MBFWJ_GavinRajah_0907_w387_h580



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