David Tlale MBFW 2013

The 2013 Joburg Fashion week Tlale collection as always had me sitting at the edge of my seat. Although some of the pieces from the collection had recently been showcased at New York Fashion Week I was still thrilled and excited by his stunning collection that was made up of gold, black, white, maroon, shinny tweed fabrics,flared trousers, column dresses and that forever present Tlale dramatic feel was represented with feather hemlines and snake like prints.

The mens wear took an interesting turn with daring printed suits and ties. Over sized coats, tailored suits with side trails

An overall spectacular show. It is after all David Tlale. We could never ask for anything less.

Here are my favorite looks from the collection.

His13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0371_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0372_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0374_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0375_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0376_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0377_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0382_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0383_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0384_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0385_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0386_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0387_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0388_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0392_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0393_w386_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0394_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0399_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0401_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0403_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0404_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0405_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0406_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0407_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0408_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0411_w387_h580 13_MBFWJ_DavidTlale_0412_w387_h580


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