A thing of the past….

So…..as we bid a farewell 2 to winter I think its only fitting to reflect on some of the amazing trends this season has brought, and what a season it has been!!! iv totally had fun experimenting and playing around!!!
One trend that made a come back this season is

“Colour Blocking” as much I thought that this particular trend would disappear…..it stayed…..and I’m really not complaining!!! In fact I see this particular trend staying well into the spring. Last season Gucci mixed purples, orange and gold and had lots of stylistas following the trend of mixing blocks of strong colours together. Its all fantastic!!!

Animal prints also made a fabulous appearance!! But this season we all kinda moved away from the leopard print(thank God). I think we can all agree that as much as we all love the leopard print we kindda killed it! This season we welcomed back an old friend Python/ Lizard Skin!! must have in shoes and bags. Bold colours and combinations that make the animal print pop

Faux fur!!!!!!!!!!! One of my all time fav’z!!!!! I totally loved this luxurious look!! Its warm effortless and if you have the chutzpah your totally rocking! And if u totally could not indulge…. Then a little trim would give you a pass

Denim shirts, in light or medium-to-dark washes were also super flattering. This trend was amazing because you could literally pair it up with anything! More like a blank canvas that you could either dress up or down.

The Classic Coat ,Here’s something you’ll wear for years: its sleek, timeless ,easy, ideal and can totally up grade your outfit from nothing to something… day or night, three seasons out of the year. The fun part was that we were not just limited to a neutral classic beige or a chic black rendition. Colour was the order of the day!!

Chunky heel shoes were such FUN!!! And they came in all sorts of colours and designs! From boots to open toes, these babies were so easy to wear in comparison to the usual stiletto!!!

Soon this lovely season will be gone. I am however looking forward to the spring time! Fun in the sun!!! We still have a couple of days with winter so enjoy it honeyz!!! Keep Warm and keep it funky!!!

😉 GloodeChick


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